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 Ludmila Syrova was born in Russia. She has traveled a lot, accumulating myriad impressions from the sheer variety and different forms of the natural landscapes she had seen, having lived in Russia, Germany, the United States, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and having visited Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Estonia. A creative by nature, Ludmila has enjoyed an array of natural talents in the arts; she also sings, used to sew custom clothes, knits, and crochets amigurumi dolls. When Ludmila turned 56 years old, she felt the need to bring these impressions to life by depicting them on canvas and quickly gained the public's recognition and interest in her talent.

 24 years have passed since then, and her natural talent was strengthened by experience. Having tried many formats, Ludmila found herself in miniature works and ACEO, having grown especially fond of them.

 Ludmila is a successful participant of a multitude of exhibitions, and her works have found their owners in almost every state of the United States and far beyond; in Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Japan, and India.

 We invite you to get acquainted with Ludmila's works. Enjoy!